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College Application Month events at high schools across the state help students access higher education

Wed, 09/06/2023

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education announced today the launch of College Application Month, an annual program to help high school students navigate and complete their college applications.

In 2022, 244 South Carolina high schools hosted College Application Month events, and about 21,000 seniors collectively submitted close to 37,000 applications.

“College Application Month provides real-time opportunities for students to receive help with the first step in the college access process: the college application,” said Gerrick Hampton, EdD, associate director of the CHE Office of Student Affairs. “College Application Month is effective because it represents a collaborative effort amongst the CHE, higher education institutions, and high schools to support seniors in accessing higher education.”

College Application Month was first held in South Carolina in 2009 and has since become a vital component of state efforts to encourage college attendance. The program’s success has grown tremendously since its inception. In its first year, just 12 high schools participated, with 1,000 seniors collectively submitting about 2,000 applications.

The program is recognized by the higher education community for being especially helpful to South Carolina students from under-resourced communities and backgrounds.

"It’s important for all students in South Carolina to have access to college applications to start the process to further their educational endeavors,” said Aniysa Capers, assistant director of admissions at Columbia College. “College Application Month provides this access with fee waivers, in-person assistance, and guidance to seniors as they complete various applications. It’s an equitable and vital opportunity that supports each year’s graduating class."

Second-year CHE College Process Ambassador Emalee Mann emphasized the effectiveness of College Application Month from a student perspective.

“College Application Month is more valuable than I can express,” Mann said. “Although the college application process can be very daunting and stressful, there are resources everywhere via SCCANGO. When I entered College Application Month, I was overwhelmed and did not know where to start, but the month and all resources offered through CHE made my process easy. Stay calm, be yourself, and start now!"

College Application Month and the CHE’s SC CAN GO college access campaign directly support the CHE’s long-term strategic goal of increasing higher education attainment in South Carolina state by promoting college accessibility. Ultimately, this contributes to the state’s growing economy by providing more skilled and trained workers to meet the increasingly technical demands of the modern workforce. By 2027, 70 percent of all jobs are expected to require some education beyond high school.

The state’s current higher education attainment rate is approximately 48 percent and the CHE’s goal is to reach 60 percent by 2030.

(South Carolina Commission on Higher Education Press Release)

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