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CHE Analytics, Data and Reports

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The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education produces a variety of annual and periodical reports to support informed policy decisions and public transparency. We also provide analytics and data pertaining to higher education in South Carolina.

CHE Analytics

South Carolina Transfer Outcomes Dashboard


South Carolina Transfer Outcomes Dashboard

Transfer Outcomes Dashboard Graphic

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Financial Analysis
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Higher Education Expenditures and Revenues (2017-2021)
Tuition, Cost of Attendance and Appropriations - Proviso 11.17 (2017-2023)
Institutional Factbook
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2023 Institutional Facts

CHE Data

South Carolina Higher Education Data Dashboard
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The Higher Education Data Dashboard System is off-line for maintenance.
If you require immediate assistance please contact the CHE Data Team,
***All requests for data should be submitted using our data request form ***








CHE Statistical Abstracts (2007-Current)
Public College Graduate Earning and Location Trends (Post Secondary Employment Outcomes Explorer Tool)

Post Secondary Employment Outcomes data are experimental tabulations developed by researchers at the Census Bureau, in cooperation with higher education institutions and institutional systems across the nation. They are available for post-secondary institutions whose transcript data have been made available to the Census Bureau through a data-sharing agreement.

Display Options

Graduate Earnings: Shows the one, five and ten year earning trends of graduates by institution and program.

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PSEO Explorer: South Carolina Graduate Earning Trends










Employment Flows: Shows the geographical location of graduates by program and institution at one, five, and ten years. This is of particular interest to those who wish to understand which majors tend to stay in or leave the state after graduation.

PSEO Flow Image
PSEO Explorer: Graduate Employment Flow Trends
Tuition and Fee Data

Note: The tuition & fees listed here are for public institutions only. For private tuition & fees, please view the higher education statistical abstract.

Five-Year Summary of Required Tuition & Fees for Full-time Undergraduates (both in-state & out-of-state) - Public Institutions: 2017-18 Academic Year through 2021-22 Academic Year (PDF)

Ten-Year Summary of Required Tuition & Fees for Full-time Undergraduates (both in-state & out-of-state) - Public Institutions: 2012-13 Academic Year through 2021-22 Academic Year (PDF)

Funding Data

Ten-year Comparison of State Education Recurring Appropriations (FY2009-10 to FY 2018-19) (PDF)

Facilities Data

Facilities Utilization Tables

Building Data Summaries

Data Request Instructions

Data Request Instructions/Timeline:

Download and complete the CHE Data Request Form (PDF). Once the form is submitted (button clicked), the data request will be received by the data team for review. Within two business days, a data team member will contact the requestor to indicate receipt of the data request and confirm the request is under review. 

 Additional Data Request Information:

Five business days is the minimum expected time for a data request to be completed. The time needed to complete a data request is determined by the data being requested and the availability of the data team. At any time in the process, the requestor can cancel or resubmit the data request. While the original data request can be accepted or rejected in whole, all updates or changes can be accepted or rejected in part. If the requestor is contacted with a question to clarify the data request, the data team will stop work on the data request until a reply is received. The data team strives to complete requests in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee adherence to requested external deadlines.
  • Within five business days, a data team member will contact the requestor with any clarification questions, or to indicate the anticipated completion date, or to reject the data request.

CHE Reports

Reports to the South Carolina General Assembly
Revised State Scholarship Funding Methodology (Effective AY 2024-2025)
Agency Accountability Reports
Earmarked Appropriations Expenditure Reports for Non-Profit Organizations

Proviso 117.21 of the FY 2022-23 Appropriations Act requires each state agency receiving funds that are a direct appropriation to a non-profit organization, prior to disbursing the funds, to require from each recipient organization a plan of how the state funds will be spent and how the expenditures will provide a public benefit. In accordance with Executive Order 2022-19 and Proviso 117.21, the CHE collects these reports and makes them available for public review and inspection. The reports are posted on our CHE Earmarked Appropriation Expenditure Reports page.