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Action Plan Recommendation 4

Request public and participating independent institutions inform students about transfer options and resources that provide additional information transfer.

Understanding the transfer process and obtaining accurate and timely advising is dependent upon having access to an advisor. Student survey responses indicate only 42 percent of students had “moderate to very high” opportunities to meet with an advisor or counselor at the institution to which they were considering transfer. When asked about the degree to which advisors or counselors assisted students with understanding the transfer process, 70 percent of students reported “not at all” or “slight.” Student survey respondents indicated approximately 34 percent of advisors/counselors “frequently or occasionally” asked if they intended to transfer to another institution. Sixty-two percent of students indicated the level of assistance they received, regarding choosing the best college or university for them, based on their career goals, was only “slight.”

Additionally, preventing credit loss begins with an understanding of how courses would be accepted toward degree requirements. Only 46 percent of students indicated advisors or counselors discussed how courses would be accepted toward their degree requirements at the transfer institution, while an almost equal percentage of respondents indicated that “none or only slight” was the discussion of application of course credit at the transfer institution. When asked about their awareness of “any services offered to assist with transfer at the institution(s) under consideration”, only 25 percent of the students indicated a “high or very high” level of awareness. Approximately 37 percent of student respondents reported an awareness of the services designed for transfer students at their new institution.

Institutions that commit sufficient resources for advising will realize a return on investment in the form of enhanced retention and increased enrollment. Increased state funding for such advising will improve and accelerate the completion rate, resulting in more students prepared to enter the workforce.

Higher Education Institution Action: In collaboration with the state council, the CHE should develop a set of best practices for advising transfer students.

Legislative Action: Appropriate funding necessary to provide sufficient advising services.

Implementation Timeline: The CHE will develop the set of best practices by June 30, 2023. Institutions shall implement within the next academic year.

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